Flutster test recorder menu

Flutster integrates with your application to record tests. Here is more on how to do this.

When FlutsterTestRecord.defaultRecord.active is true, the Flutster floating button is displayed in the upper left corner:

You can set the size of this button with FlutsterTestRecord.defaultRecord.buttonSize .

Move the floating button to view or access the elements below.

The floating button does not appear on the Flutster test screenshots. Also, Flutster doesn’t consider any interaction with this button while recording a test.

Click on the Flutster floating button to open the Flutster test recorder menu:

A summary of the test buttons can be found at the end of this page.

When the test is being recorded, the Flutster test recorder menu changes as follows:

Buttons summary

Whenever a button is pressed for more than a second, information is displayed as follows:

orFlutster floating button.
Can be moved around.
Single click opens Flutster test recorder menu.
Double click while recording takes screenshot.
Blue square while not recording.
Red disk while recording.
Delete a test record or a test step.
Clear the current test record without deleting it from the API.
Paste test record json from clipboard.
Share test record json.
Upload test record to Flutster API.
Download a test record from Flutster API.
Deactivate Flutster floating button until app is restarted.
Take a screenshot from the Flutster test recorder menu.
Warning: this should usually be done with the software keyboard closed.
The result can be visualized while editing the replayed screenshot with the edit button:
orStart or stop recording.
Surrounded blue square while not recording.
Red disk while recording.
Close a menu.
Replay a test step.
This is only possible with mouse taps and screenshots.
Combine multiple keyboard test steps.
This is recommended before saving a test record.
Edit a test step.
More information on the image comparison choices available while editing screenshot events is provided here:
Set a keyboard step as a backspace key.